What makes a great web site?

Professional looking
Easy to navigate
Information easy to find
Loads quickly
Optimized for search engines


Welcome to our Website Design Portfolio. Featured on this page are a few samples of website designs we've created.

Each website design is strategically structured with core elements in mind, such as functionality, easy navigation, search engine friendliness and download speed.

All New Days website designs are taken though a comprehensive concept and theme development process, are custom built according to our clients' needs and desires and are never considered complete until the customer is satisfied with the outcome.


Rivendell Associates Limited

Neil Stiles is the Principal of Rivendell Associates Limited, a management consultancy company that he formed after his retirement from the Deloitte New Zealand Partnership in September 2001, after 28 years with the International firm. Neil now provides and offers distinctive services grounded on being a trusted advisor, facilitator and coach, to organisations and individuals. Over many years he has grown and developed expertise that is a unique blend of a wide range of skills and experience.



Yard Art

Yard Art produces an exciting range of contemporary concrete garden ornaments created to enhance your garden, patio, deck, foyer or home. The designs of their garden ornaments reflect African and Asian cultures, the ancient civilisations of South America (Inca, Aztec, etc), rustic art and modern garden sculpture styles





Whitby Toy Library

Whitby Toy Library is a voluntary organization. Their aim is to provide a wide range of educational toys and games designed to aid mental, physical and social development. Whitby toy Library first opened its doors on April 24th 1993. In the 9 months of fundraising, $10,000 was raised. Grants were received from Porirua Licensing Trust, Porirua City Council and the Hillary Commission and Farmers Porirua adopted Whitby Toy Library as their charity of the year.


Fragile Colours Music

Fragile Colours Music is an extension of The Colour Field Recording Studio, offering the means for artists to have their work available on the Web.

The first release for Fragile Colours Music is the gorgeous Marion Arts release, "Songs of The Rings", a musical and lyrical homage to the songs that Tolkien wrote in the Lord of the Rings trilogy.